Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hanis is back!!

Hanis datang lagi..

What on earth had happened to HANIS? Is she dead already? hahah!!!
Ok .
Now she is alive. I'm back people!! I'm back!!
A huge apologize from me as I'm not around for about more than two months.
Sorry guys =(

Well.. Well.. Well..
I actually was having a troublesome disease that so called,
the sleeping beauty-but-not-so-beauty-pon-lahh. hikhik.
Not to mention, I missed my meals too.
And now I'm getting 'fatter and fatter'. T_T

Ok readers!! ACTUALLY!!
I have been busy with my blogshop. Ohh. Let me introduce you the blogshop of mine and my best girl, nomet.
*click click click*

The Shawl Show provides you various design of shawls.
Absolutely gorgeous. exclusive and they are all limited.
So, have a peek on it yaw!!
do cekidaut ok ^.^

ok ok. done with the advertising2.

What ever it is,
I never, Never, NEVER
ever forget my beloved blog,
Hanis de Manis.
ngeee :D

I lap U!! I lap U!! Muah!! Muahh!! Aww.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


yuhooo *.*

never thought of having fun with yourself? being disguise wearing geli geli mustache or yekyek discomfort wig or maybe false eyelashes?? huh?? is it wearing false eyelashes can be count as disguising??

then put a very hodoh bulat spectacles disguise as a very macho shades and covered yourself with big heavy coat. then u lepak-ing lepak-ing at bistro or starbuck or old town or kopitiam or mamak stall pon boley. and stare people with your hand pull down your shades a lil' bit. don't you think that u were acting like a very mysterious person with so old fashion punya style of a detective?

let's play hide and seek!! yeehoo!!

ok. I nak layan movie conan. yup!! the comey2 shinichi kudo!! bye bye bye!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sari Berita Penting

back to yu es em. huh!!