Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hanis is back!!

Hanis datang lagi..

What on earth had happened to HANIS? Is she dead already? hahah!!!
Ok .
Now she is alive. I'm back people!! I'm back!!
A huge apologize from me as I'm not around for about more than two months.
Sorry guys =(

Well.. Well.. Well..
I actually was having a troublesome disease that so called,
the sleeping beauty-but-not-so-beauty-pon-lahh. hikhik.
Not to mention, I missed my meals too.
And now I'm getting 'fatter and fatter'. T_T

Ok readers!! ACTUALLY!!
I have been busy with my blogshop. Ohh. Let me introduce you the blogshop of mine and my best girl, nomet.
*click click click*

The Shawl Show provides you various design of shawls.
Absolutely gorgeous. exclusive and they are all limited.
So, have a peek on it yaw!!
do cekidaut ok ^.^

ok ok. done with the advertising2.

What ever it is,
I never, Never, NEVER
ever forget my beloved blog,
Hanis de Manis.
ngeee :D

I lap U!! I lap U!! Muah!! Muahh!! Aww.