Thursday, March 26, 2009

L . O . L

current mode . .

yup !!
the MENANGIS mode . hate it .
come on anis. go and get some fun !!

** above picture is an oldie oldie picture ya. that panda eyes . . urghh !! ohh GOD my face was like .. bwftwyfw.

**that picture was taken at Kampung Sungai Batu ( if Im not mistaken ) doing some interviews with the friendly, nice, adorable and even generous villagers. yeah. generous. they serve us food. hahaha. thats why Im so overwhelmed on saying they are so the goodie goodie one. so naughty . they cooked the food by gotong royong tau.

huh. can u imagine i interviewed that abang (sitting beside me but i know u cant see him as i already crop his picture. haha ) with that 'adorable' face. hahahahaha. damn it .


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