Monday, December 21, 2009


the poster.

well well well..
I always late for a great awesome thingy like the movie AVATAR. it's a masterpiece of 15 years worth waiting peeps. now, it's already hits the screen baby!!!

I just watched the trailer and suddenly there's a bunch of question pop up on my laptop screen. eheh. no lah it's just came out on my mind lah. duh. it was like why their colour is blue heh? why not the hot red diva? izzit because they will turned out to be mean devils if they are coloured by the red hot chili pepper? eh3. the hot red? (you know lah kan hanis is kinda crazy on red colour)

eh hanis. do not complain on the colour blue or red or purple or grey or black lah. people don't bother lah. -_-'

some friends of mine have watched this movie 2 days ago and they were like omaigod omaigod omaigod cannot close their mouth back (u should see your faces lol). and they said that they were hypnotized by the visual of the new world that is beyond their imaginative. o_O
immediately after they reached home they poke me and said "weh ruginya kau xjoin tadi weh. best gila woh. Sam Worthington tu hensem jadi biru pon hensem. rugi kau. padan muka. haha!!"
eeeeiiii!! serves me right??? wtyjaklfff. hahaha.

actually i don't really understand the synopsis of the movie that i've been reading. even for days hoh. izzit the same avatar cartoon of the Nickelodeon show? at first, i thought that the character avatar in Nickelodeon (Aaang), was coloured with blue but that's weird lah kan. why they suddenly change the natural looks. heh.

this is the cartoon Avatar of Nickeleodeon Show.

those who have watched this greatest movie, AVATAR from the director of Terminator and Titanic, how does it feels huh???

the cute Aaang! is Sam Worthington as cute as Aaang when he was a little boy?hehe

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Atiekah said...

rasa cam best cite tak hanis?

name saye hanis said...

hehe. atiekah. blom tgk lagi la. takde fulusss =)

sarahunny said...

ahaha yg katun kat bawah tu avatar d last airbender kan? itu release next year..

ermm.. i wish to see avatar yg biru ni juga. macam best je.

name saye hanis said...

sarahunny- aha. yg cute kepala ade arrow tu is avatar de last airbender. eheh. yup2. release july nex year kot.
ramai cakap visual 4 avatar biru is like this o_O

sarahunny said...

ahahha o_O? wow.. maybe la kan. bila la cter kita nak macam tu.. july? errr =.= lmbtnya lagi..

bunga ;D said...

nak g tengok juga.=D

name saye hanis said...

sarahunny- aha. confirm july nex year. xpea.. moga2 worth waiting =)

name saye hanis said...

bunga - jom3 kite g tgk. saya tak tgk lagi... =)

Azrie Abdullah said...

haha,at the same time i pun ingat avatar yang ada aang tuh but bukan rupanya.haha.tgk trailer kt youtube yg avatar the last airbender mcm best jr kot :)

name saye hanis said...

azrie- aha~ tawu xpe. i pon igt the same thing taw. tapi plik xkan tetibe jadi biru. Aaang punye cite, by nex year baru kuar.huhu
mesti kite2 ni suke tgk kartun kat tv kan tym sabtu ahad kan kan kan. eheh

Azrie Abdullah said...

haha,dulu tgk lah , dh tgk sampai habis pun dah. tgk trailer kt youtube pun dh gempak semacam je. kena tgk movie jugak nie.