Saturday, December 19, 2009

not too late

I know it's too late to talk about Ninja Assassin in here. it's been 3 weeks and 2 days the movie was rolling. but, there's no 'TOO LATE' when the ninjas are still killing in the cinema =)

the poster.

last week, I spent time with beloved ones went to Prangin Mall, Penang. It's none of our plan of crawling the staircases, widen the eyes to find a great movie for the great time! well, it wasn't staircase anyway, it was escalator. I love to exaggerate things, people. haha

the proof. 18SG. Luckily we r already 18th the day before =P

and finally, we decided to watch NINJA ASSASSIN! owh, it wasn't really OUR decision. 99% seduction comes from me!! haha. it is all because of u, BI RAIN !! see, how seductive I would be when it comes to you. heh -_-'

the story basically tells us about ninja that trained to be an assassin. a great assassin actually.

Raizo (Rain), one of the ninja who refuse to be a killer and that's make him a betrayer on ninja's rule. then, the whole 'family' of ninja are hunting over him. and the mission of Raizo is to bring down the 'father' of the organization (Ozunu).

afterall the movie is all about fighting, action, and a mean movie too. if u have seen the movie, u know that there were like showered with blood as their body mostly covered with YUCKY red liquid. heh.

the main point in the movie that i unconciously (im not lying) stared at...

the muscle that he build up surprisingly in just four month intense training!! aww ~

see.. I told u !!

he looks so hot but his not-so-long-messy-hair is bugging me a lot !!

u are so cute in this picture!! how come a cutie could be a mean ninja huh!!
maybe that's why he refuse to be an assassin lol ^.^

8 Bebelan:

Independent Queen said...

I pun pernah demam pasal si "hujan" ni.. hahaha said...

Rain is great! Nanged your post! Hopefully you will nang to read about is back with the name !!!!!!!

name saye hanis said...

hellowh people !!
morning =) (izzit really morning huh??)haha

Independent Queen - segala jenis demam I kena sebab dia taw. demam kure2 pon iye jugak =P - Rain is totally hot!! admit it!! hehe. yup already nanged u =)

Lady Fyza ;) said...

wah! tringin nak tgk citer ni,

tp 18sg, ape bole wat, huhu.

name saye hanis said...

hye hye hye lady fiza =)
nnt u dah 18th u qada' tgk rain hot ini ye.eh3. cite ninja hot. eheh

eima xara said...

cite ni best gile..

shes-iejan said...

omg i dunno it was rain all this while!!!
waaaaa anis da tak men sgt kt kl..
satu show je per day!
rainn i loveeee him!! hahaha

name saye hanis said...

eima xara- yup3. sangaaaaat!! o_O hehehe

shes-eijan - heheh. u tak tgk lg ke??kesian kesian kesian. ehhehe
gile hawt taw mr.rain nih. tergode i =P