Friday, December 18, 2009

Fairy Tale

an adorable kid who is just got an award of the cutest kid of the year !! eheh. although I made it up =P

yeah. I know u've been awarded by this in so many time for years. but I still want to give it to you, Capucine!!

Aww. she is sooooo adorable and she tells the story with so much enthusiasm. I could learn the French language from her!! I think it will be end up by just learning how to be cute and say French word cute-ly. haha. but it still would be an enjoyable lesson =)

perfect french of her native tongue.
giant eyes!!
I feel like "I really want to hug my monitor!!"
what a cutie pie!! kan!!
ichliebedich !! (not a French word. I know. pity me for the spelling.)
precious child. cute. adorable. sweet. lovely. beautiful sparkling eyes. talented. imaginative
a star in the making. kudos to her parents.
she's just too darn cute ^.^
is there any other word of cute and adorable that give the same meaning??

the words that I remember the most

I want a little princess like her too. does this mean I have to marry a french dude?
I already mine lol =P

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